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Backup storage is an additional storage device that is used for keeping backup data. It is external to the system for which the back up data is created.
Backup storage enables the maintanence, management, retrieval and restoration of backup data for any individual, application, or computer. The backup storage device can be hard disk drive, tape drive etc.

Storage and backup Services Delivered By Us

Sooner or later, your big or small business will need more space for data storage.
Your business may contain information in the form of emails, audio files, graphics, documents etc. Storing information and managing its storage seems to be critical and here is when Arisedata comes into play. We are leading IT service providers and our engineers team includes experts having hands on experience in storage and backup services.


Technicians at Arisedata have hands on experience in IT industry. Our team consists of specialized engineers focused on providing best storage and backup services.
What makes us different from others, is the fact that we have
1. Industry Recognition
2. Thought Leaders
3. Experience
4. Skilled Technicians

Our Proposal

Our aim is to provide cost-effective storage and backup services to our clients. We are happy to announce that we have more than 1000 happy clients till date.

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