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Your front door is the gateway between your private world and public world. Thus, it is important to know who is at the door before access is granted. Keeping your privacy in mind Arisedata offers door communication service solution for all the indoor and outdoor requirements. Using door communication services you can easily see the person who rings the door bell. Also door communication system allows you to communicate with the person standing at your door, which helps you to decide whether to let them in or not.

What We Offer

Arisedata Infotech is a leading IT service provider. We offer services that meet our clients requirements. Our door communication system enables
1. Users to see on the monitor who is ringing the doorbell outside.
2. Door communication on the computer, throughout the eniter house.
3. Door communication via landline and mobile.
4. Door intercom with video for outer areas.

Placed at the front door, it combines all necessary functions including
1. Bell
2. Camera
3. Nameplate
4. House Number


We offer door communication systems that are
1. Rugged
2. Shatter-proof
3. UV-stable
4. Waterproof
We combine a traditional hands free system with convenient added value.

Our Proposal

Our aim is to provide the best-of-breed door communication services to the clients keeping their security and privacy in mind.

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