In simple words, Cloud Computing is the availability or delivery of computing services such as servers, databases, etc. over the internet.It is a model of network which enables applications or programs to run on connected servers, instead of running on local PCs or devices.
Cloud Computing makes it possible to store and access data and programs on the internet rather than on personal hard drive.

Benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing offers several benefits, some of them are listed below.
1. Cost Effective
2. Global Scale
3. Performance
4. Secure
5. Reliable
6. Speed

Companies using cloud

Here is a list of well known companies who have moved to the cloud
1. Netflix
2. Xerox
3. Instagram
4. Pinterest
5. Apple

Scope In Cloud Computing

At present cloud computing can be considered as one of the most famous IT trends.
It has emerged as a boon to various business organizations by saving large amount of money.
There is huge job and career opportunities available in this field, as it is one of the most popular IT trends.

Learning Cloud Computing with Arisedata

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Besides this, the training team consists of highly experienced trainers having industry level experience of more than 5 years.
Apart from this, the course is designed by industry leaders and thus there is huge scope for learning.

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