CCNA certified professionals are able to install, troubleshoot and configure medium-sized switched and routed network. They are also able to operate these networks.


Before taking CCNA course one must be aware of Network Technologies and computer hardware.
Also, basic knowledge of networking and TCP/IP is favoured, otherwise one may face difficulties while proceeding.

Scope of CCNA:-

1. Now a days, Hardware and networking jobs have become equally important as any other job.
2. There is huge demand of CCNA in networking fields.
3. Top companies hire CCNA certified candidates.

Job roles for a CCNA certified :-

A CCNA certified professional can get following job roles:-
1. Network engineer
2. Sr. Network engineer
3. Network Administrator
4. IT Manager
5. System Administrator.

Companies using CCNA:-

Various companies provide opportunities to CCNA professionals. Some of them are listed below:-

1. Cisco
2. HP
3. IBM
4. Dell
5. Microsoft
6. Intel

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