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Now a days home security has become a nightmare. With the increasing rate of thefts taking place in homes, offices and banks , security has become a matter of concern. Burglar Alarm system is a system that detects any unauthorized entry or movements within the property and immediately sends out an alert to the concerned people. The motion can be detected by sensors installed in the premise.

Why Us

Arisedata provides 24x7 monitoring station support to the users.
1. With more than 4 years of experience, we have more than 100 happy clients.
2. We have most advanced technology and skilled technicians to ensure complete safety of your house and office.
3. We understand the requirements of clients and we know what security means to an individual.
4. We follow client-centric strategy
5. We offer cost-effective quality services.

What the alarm system will contain

Sensors: the sensors are simply the men at work. Their function is to detect any motion or unauthorized entry.
Control Panel: It is the main part of this system. On detecting any possible threat it raises a loud alarm to make the concerned people aware.

Our Proposal

Our aim is to provide the best-of-breed door communication services to the clients keeping their security and privacy in mind.

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