In simple words, AWS is a cloud computing platform that aims at providing various cloud services to customers. AWS is a platform that allows users or customers to rent out Amazon's server, so that they don't have to buy their own. This proves to be time saving as customers don't have to worry about server's security, upgrades and other maintanance issues, since Amazon will do this for them.

Prerequisites to learn AWS:

As AWS is one of the leading IT trends, listed below are the few important prerequisites you need, if you want to learn AWS

1. Knowledge of Operating System
2. Knowledge of virtualization
3. Knowledge of networking
Besides this, you must also have basic understanding of public, private and hybrid clouds.

Scope In AWS:

1. AWS is leading trend in Cloud Computing.
2. AWS certified professionals are now being ranked among the highest paid IT certificate holders.
3. Doesn't matter if you are web developer, database or system admin, IOT developer you have to use the services.
4. AWS certification provides you with various career paths such as AWS engineer, AWS architecture, DevOps engineer etc.

Who are AWS uers?

According to Amazon, there are billions of active AWS users.

1. Adobe
2. BMW
3. Autodesk
4. Disney
5. European Space Agency
7. Nokia
8. Hitachi
9. Samsung
These are few big companies that are active AWS users.

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